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Online Premarital Counseling

At Greater House, we understand that preparing for marriage is much more than just planning the wedding day. Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and it requires intentional effort to build a strong and healthy relationship. That's why we offer high-quality counseling for couples who are engaged or considering marriage. We pride ourselves in helping couples go deeper than the surface to prepare for wedded bliss. Our certified program is approved to offset the cost of a marriage license.

Topics We Cover

Preparing for marriage is a unique journey for each couple. At Greater House, we offer personalized counseling sessions that cover a variety of topics to help couples prepare for the road ahead. Here are some of the topics we will cover:


One of the most significant sources of conflict in marriage is money. We help couples learn how to manage their finances together and make informed decisions about spending and saving.


Sexual intimacy is a critical part of any healthy marriage. We create a safe space for couples to discuss their expectations, desires, and concerns regarding physical intimacy.

Family Background/Differences in Upbringing & Genogram Creation

We explore how each partner's family history and upbringing may affect their relationship dynamics. By creating a family genogram, we can identify patterns and work through any potential challenges.

Cultural Differences

Cultural differences can add richness and depth to a marriage, but they can also create tension. We help couples understand and appreciate their cultural differences and learn how to navigate them respectfully.

Personality Differences

Every individual has unique personality traits and characteristics. We help couples understand each other's personalities and work through any potential conflicts that may arise.

History of Trauma

Past trauma can have a significant impact on a person's ability to form healthy relationships. We provide a safe and supportive space for couples to explore any past trauma and work through its effects on their relationship.

Parenting/Desire to Have Children

Whether a couple is planning to have children or not, parenting styles and expectations can significantly impact their relationship. We help couples explore their desires and expectations around parenting and work through any potential conflicts.

Dividing Roles

Sharing responsibilities and dividing roles in a marriage is an essential part of building a strong partnership. We help couples communicate effectively and find a division of labor that works for both partners.

Relational Cycles/Personalized Couples' "Most Frequent Argument"

Many couples find themselves stuck in negative relational cycles, where they keep having the same argument over and over again. We help couples identify their most frequent argument and work through the underlying issues to break the cycle.

How to "Fight" Well/Issues in Communication

Conflict is a natural part of any relationship, but it's how couples handle conflict that makes all the difference. We provide couples with tools and strategies for effective communication and conflict resolution.

Blended Family or Second Marriage Option

Blending families can be challenging, and second marriages come with their unique set of circumstances. We help couples navigate the complexities of blended families and second marriages.

Attachment & Bonding

Attachment and bonding are essential components of any healthy relationship. We help couples deepen their emotional connection and build a strong foundation for their future together.


At Greater House, we believe that every couple deserves the tools and support they need to build a strong and healthy relationship. Our personalized counseling sessions offer a safe and supportive space for couples to explore their hopes, fears, and expectations around marriage. Whether you're engaged or considering marriage, we're here to help you prepare for wedded bliss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many counseling sessions will we need to complete the premarital program?

The certified program we reference in our premarital counseling is the PREPARE/ENRICH program, which requires 8-10 one-hour sessions. If your wedding date is fast approaching, but you would still like to do premarital counseling, we will work with you on a timeline and see if there is a way we can still get you that discount on your marriage license.

How do I get a discount on my marriage license?

When you complete our premarital counseling sessions, you will receive a certificate from Twogether in Texas certifying your completion, which you can take as evidence to the courthouse when you apply for your marriage license. In the state of Texas, a certified completion of premarital counseling guarantees you a discount on your marriage license.

What if I need more than 8 premarital sessions?

We pride ourselves in going deeper than the surface. If you are engaged, but you are really needing couple’s counseling, we will tailor your premarital counseling to address the particular needs of your relationship, and you are always welcome to see us for more than 8 sessions.