We are currently conducting all our sessions via telehealth.

We Are Counselors in Plano, TX

You are not alone. Let us help you navigate
your mental health & relationships.

Greater House Counseling provides compassionate and informed support to help families, couples, and individuals build mental and relational health.

A young family taking a stroll down the block.

We help families and individuals dealing with a range of issues including but not limited to:

Addiction, trauma, marital issues, sexual/intimacy issues, divorce care, premarital counseling, anxiety, depression, loneliness, family conflict, infidelity, insecurity, self-harm, self-hate, eating disorders, communication issues, PTSD, disturbance due to childhood neglect or abuse, parenting issues, systematic victimization, LGBTQ+ stressors, isolation, trauma from the pandemic, codependency, anger, aggression, disassociation, fear, feeling overly emotional, feeling no emotions/having a hard time identifying emotions, questions of faith, religious and spiritual guidance, feeling distant from God, having no motivation, feelings of regret/guilt/shame, eating disorders, needing direction/purpose, personality and career counseling, and many more.

A happy couple walking together.

Our hope is that you find a safe and judgment-free zone to be able to discuss anything that is getting in the way of you living the fulfilling and connected life you desire.

We will help you identify the obstacles that are in your way and help you make a plan to overcome trauma, and get more connected to yourself and others.

We will provide our expertise on the brain, relationship dynamics, trauma, and the keys to mental health; but most of all, we will be there to support you every step of the journey.