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Our Counseling Services

We are a counseling practice in Plano, TX offering telehealth and limited in-person services to couples, families, and individuals in the state of Texas. We provide couple and marital therapy, premarital therapy, family therapy, and individual counseling. We also offer career counseling, helping clients identify their skills, personality, and life purpose. Church/Group and business consulting is available for groups wanting to improve their team dynamics and personal leadership. Discounts may be available for employees and members of groups who receive our consulting package.

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Individual Counseling

Whatever you’re going through, Greater House is here to help you navigate your mental health and relationships with compassionate support and guidance. We consider you the expert on your own life and circumstances, and we will offer our expertise on trauma and the brain, systemic relational dynamics, and mental health to help you reach your goals. Whatever you’re going through, you are not alone. We will walk alongside you in your journey towards healing.

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Couple's Counseling

The saying goes, “it takes a village…” Our romantic relationships often start out exciting and fulfilling, but over time can become stale or even painful and toxic. Our culture tends to do a good job launching relationships, but does not always know how to support couples through the highs and lows of lifelong partnership. We are here whether your relationship just needs a little encouragement, or a major overhaul of the interactional patterns between you. We have helped countless couple’s navigate parenting, the aftermath of an affair, the complexity of a blended family, improving sexual intimacy, halting negative generational patterns, and much more.

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Premarital Counseling

At Greater House we offer high-quality counseling for couples who are engaged or considering marriage. We offer a certified program that is approved to offset the cost of a marriage license. We pride ourselves in helping couples go deeper than the surface to prepare for wedded bliss. Some of the topics we will cover include:

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Career Counseling

Whether you’re stuck in a rut at a job you hate, looking to start a new career, or just wanting to know yourself better, we are here to help you explore your skills and uncover hidden passions. Know a recent high-school or college grad? Give the graduation gift that keeps on giving- 3 career coaching sessions to unlock purpose and explore fields or careers to equip the student for their next stage of life. Call the office for pricing packages.

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Group & Business Consulting

Businesses, churches, or groups needing to improve their team dynamic to unlock its fullest potential. We offer team personality assessments and seminars, individual coaching sessions, conflict-management services, and spiritual guidance for teams at a discounted rate.